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One of the services we’re proud to offer to VideoExperts clients is Aerial Videography. 

When you hear the word “drone,” you probably think about Amazon and their drone delivery service.  Unless you work in video production or are a drone hobbyist, you’re probably not aware of the depths the industry has reached in aerial videography. 

The use of drones for video is relatively new, but can be extremely beneficial.  Even just one shot from a drone can add a lot of substance to your video.  The most obvious, and most common, way to incorporate aerial footage in your production is to showcase your place of business.  Below, you can see some of our drone footage with that exact purpose.  Starting off a video with an establishing shot of your business not only puts a strong visual in your audience’s mind, it shows them exactly what your place looks like.  If your place of business is in a confusing area, a drone video showing how to get to your front door is invaluable to customers.  You can check out ours here on our contact page. 

Maybe you want to start small, with a shot of your product, or maybe your team all grouped together.  Then, take a quick and steady zoom out to reveal your business, then your neighborhood, then end with a shot of the horizon.  With traditional camera equipment?  Impossible.  With a drone?  Easy.  There are endless possibilites when using a drone to enhance your production.

Take a look at some drone footage we recently captured!


Alright, so we know we want to use a drone, and we know how we want to use it.  So we can just go to Best Buy, pick up the cheapest one, and get to work right? 

Not quite.  Like cameras, there are different types of drones and different uses for drones.  Despite being relatively new, equipment manufacturers wasted no time creating a multitude of drones, ranging from the powerful, Hollywood-ready machines to the drones so small they get lost without ever flying outdoors.  At VideoExperts, we love gear; drones included.  By staying up-to-date on the latest aerial technology, we always have the best gear for the job.   

When you’re working with drones, you not only have to remain knowledgeable about equipment, but you need to know a lot of information to film safely and within the boundaries of aviation law.  In 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration enacted legislation to regulate unmaned aerial vehicles.  There is a lot of information to know, including where to fly, how high to fly, and what you can and cant fly over.  As laws become more complex, it is more important than ever to hire trained, licensed professionals. 

Fly with VideoExperts and add drone footage into your production today!


Here is an example of drone footage incorporated into a production:

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