Why You Need a Waiver for Video Production

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Why You Need a Waiver for Video Production

Video Production can be a complex thing. Not only do you have to prepare for the project conceptually with shot lists, scripts, and storyboards, but you have to prepare the technical side as well. You have to draw up an equipment list, a schedule of the shoot, and any other non-creative documents that are necessary for the shoot. 

With all of the steps that go into a shoot, it can be easy to forget the usually small, but always important, aspect of production: legality. 

When people hear that word in the same sentence as video production, their mind probably jumps to things like copyright and public domain laws. However, in the world of professional, commercial video production, personal waivers and consent signs are equally important. 

A waiver, sometimes called a release, is a legal document that, once signed, grants the producers of the video the right to use the image and voice of the person that signed the release. Releases are important because without one, it’s possible for the person to claim a violation of their right to privacy, even if they may have verbally given consent to be filmed at the time. 

A video consent sign is similar, but not person-specific. If you are filming an event where there will be many people around or in the audience, you should put a sign up before the entrance to the event, detailing that cameras will be filming and that members of the audience may be on the final product. You should also state where the video will be shown (Television, Internet, internal company use, etc.). Before filming the event, be sure to get a static shot of the sign posted at the entrance to document that it was up, in the instance that an attendee raises a complaint. 

Not only is it legally and ethically important to make people aware that they are being filmed, but it’s helpful from a production standpoint. People act differently when they know they are on camera, so oftentimes you’ll have a more respectful audience. 

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Video production can be overwhelming sometimes, and there’s lots of things to consider. So call the experts! We handle all aspects of video production, from start to finish. 

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