The Many Uses of a GoPro

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The Many Uses of a Go Pro

Since their HERO3 model launched in 2012, GoPro has been everywhere.  You’ve probably seen their cameras most often strapped to a skier’s helmet, or on the front of a surfboard.  They are perfect for sports, outdoorsmanship, or any other kind of high-action activities.  They may be small, but they pack a punch enough to be used for professional video production as well.

There are a few instances on set where GoPros are useful.  Their size allows them to get shots from places that would be extremely difficult or downright impossible to reach with a traditional camera.  The wide variety of attachments, mounts, and grips make it incredibly easy to maneuver in busy or small spaces such as a warehouse, workshop, or inside a machine.  Because the most recent GoPro models can shoot in HD and even 4k, the footage can be put right alongside clips filmed on professional-level equipment.

One type of project that GoPros are excellent for are time-lapse videos.  These often need more than one angle showing the same thing.  Since GoPros are small, it’s easy set up multiple cameras without picking up the others in the shot.  Depending on how long you need to film, it could also be more efficient to use GoPros for some of the angles, and only one camera manned by a videographer.

Although you might not be filming extreme sports, GoPros are still great for outdoor projects, or even indoor scripted shoots like television commercials.  Check out our educational video for Nomad's Adventure Park below, and see if you can tell the difference between GoPro shots and shots from traditional cameras.  

GoPro’s are great for flexing your creative muscles.  The ability to mount the camera virtually anywhere really opens up a world of possibilities.  Shooting a music video?  Try putting the GoPro on the head of a guitar while it’s being played.  Or, instead of the traditional static establishment shot of your shoot location, stick the GoPro to the side or front of your car and record as you’re pulling up to the location.

We’ll be getting some opportunities to break out our GoPros in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

If you're working on your own production, be sure to download our video production guide below. 

Was this article helpful to you?  Let us know what your favorite uses for GoPro’s are, or leave your questions in the comments section below and we’ll address them in a future post. 

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