YouTube Cards - The Marketing Tool You Should Be Using

  |   Jul 27 2017   |  


We know – you finally found that one YouTube video you were searching for.  Maybe to show your friend something funny, or to watch a tutorial you saw a while ago and decided to come back to.  You get the video queued up, hit play, and before long there’s a red box over most of the screen.  When you try to get rid of it, you miss the near-microscopic “X” at its corner and now you’re looking at an entirely new video. 

If you’re a marketer, YouTube annotations are an excellent way to optimize your videos.  They not only can be filled with written information, but can link to other videos and websites you want viewers to see.  However, if you’re a viewer, those annotations can sometimes be seen as obnoxious and intrusive. 

Don’t worry, YouTube has come up with a solution for this: YouTube cards.  Cards are a marketing tool that walk the line between being too intrusive and enhancing your video.  They are simple, sleek, customizable, and most-importantly, mobile friendly.  If you don’t know what YouTube cards are yet, check out our video below, and click on the teaser in the top corner at ten seconds in. 

As you can see, the card hosts a link back here to our website, so it’s called a Link Card.  There are four other types of cards: Channel Cards (link to another YouTube channel), Donation Cards (allow viewers to donate directly to a charity or nonprofit), Fan Funding Cards (allow fans to contribute to eligible channels), Poll Cards (viewers can vote on something), and Video or Playlist Cards (link to another YouTube video or playlist). 

Have your own YouTube channel?  Try adding cards to your videos!  In your video manager, select the “Cards” tab and follow the steps. 

No YouTube Channel?  No Problem.  Contact VideoExperts today to get started on your first video.  We work through all aspects of production, from scripting, to editing, to video hosting. 

If youre not sure what video is right for you, download our guide below!

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