Getting Your Script Written

  |   Aug 23 2017   |   Posted in: Business to Business


Getting Your Script Written

The most important, and usually the first, step in video production is creating the video's script, or storyboard. Without the blueprints for the video, there's no guidelines to guarantee that your video will come out looking like how you envisioned it.

The biggest misconception when it comes to writing a script is that all scripts are formatted the same, for all types of videos. This isn't the case. All types of scripts have different rules, or formulas, to follow and fill with your own specific details. Here at Video Experts, we have five different script writing guides available to download.

Each of these guides has specific questions and tips to keep in mind when writing a script for a certain type of media, including a TV commercial, a web advertisement, an explainer or how-to video, and also a company overview.

While each of these types of scripts have a different formula - different key points and information - to keep in mind, no matter what type of script you're writing, the basic questions you need to ask yourself are relatively the same, and they all tie into one crucial thing: your video's purpose. Even if you know what kind of video you wish to shoot, do you know what you want your video to say? What sort of emotions, or call to action, do you want viewers to be left with? Do you want to include graphics or animations? Would you want to have narration, or just music, accompanying your video images?

All of this information can be included in your video's script, or storyboard. Whether you are working with a crew, overseeing every step of the video-making process, or if you wish to hand the project to a video production company to create for you, using a script is the best way to guarantee that the video will come out the way you envision it.

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