Which Script Template Should I Use?

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Which Script Template Should I Use?

Here at Video Experts, we pride ourselves at having useful, downloadable content available in order to make creating a video as easy of a process as possible. On our website, we offer five different Script Writing Guides for five different types of scripts, providing important questions and key points to keep in mind while writing a script. Below are links to their downloads, and quick descriptions to help you choose which one will best help you write your own script

Company Overview

This type of script is perfect for attracting the attention of new customers. Company overview videos showcase your business and the skills or products you supply, and are meant to be short, sweet, and to the point, in order to hold your audience's attention. A company overview video should be able to tell your audience who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you over a competing company.


Similar to a company overview, an explainer video is a great way to inform potential customers of your product, service, or business. However, instead of being a general overview of your business as a whole, an explainer video concentrates on one service, and goes into detail about that one aspect. Usually animated, an explainer video acts like a quick-guide or "cliff-notes" to a specific product or service your company can provide.


Unlike a company overview or explainer video, a how-to video isn't meant to sell a product. Using this type of video, you are teaching your audience a skill, how to do a specific task. The script for this video has to be easy to understand and descriptive; no steps can be forgotten or left out. In order to create a successful how-to video, the audience must be able to complete the task your video is showcasing without any further instruction than the video alone.

TV Commercial

A TV commercial is very similar to an explainer or a company overview, with its biggest difference coming from the length of the video. Unlike the other two video types, a TV commercial is only thirty seconds long, at the most. Your video has to be to the point and eye-catching, with a clear call-to-action for your viewers to follow.

Web Advertisement

An advertisement video on the Internet is allowed to be a bit longer than one shown on TV, which means you can add a bit more specific detail into a script for a web advertisement. Like an explainer video, a web advertisement has a single goal in mind - whether it is to collect more subscribers or sell a product - but is directed toward a more specific audience based on that goal, allowing your message to be received more successfully by your chosen viewers.

There are many similarities between these five types of videos. All of them aim to get your company's message out to your viewers, but choosing a type of script to follow is dependent on what message you wish to send, the venue you wish to share it on, and the audience you wish to reach. Keeping these ideas, and the more script specific guidelines, in mind is important when beginning to write the script for your own videos.

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