Five of Our Favorite Drone Shots

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Five of our Favorite Drone Shots

In the past, if you wanted an aerial shot, your production had to be big enough (and well funded enough) to rent a helicopter, pay the pilot and camera operator, consult with the FAA and local authorities, and hope you get the shot right the first time because you probably can't afford a second day.

Thankfully, now we have drones.  Drones have given us the ability to achieve the feeling aerial video gives without having to work on a major Hollywood movie.  There are a multitude of shots you can get with a drone, and while you might think they're all taken from a few hundred feet in the air, there are many shots to get with a drone closer to the ground.  Here are some of our favorites.

1.  Fly By/Fly Through

            Try flying right by an object in the foreground, toward the subject of the scene.  The closer the object is to the drone, the better the shot will look.  Flying it through something is even better; try a window or some sort of archway or overpass.

2. Following

            This one is pretty self-explanatory: you simply follow the subject of the shot.  Typically, this is used to follow cars on the road.  You might remember it combined with sound effects for an unsettling effect in the opening credits of The Shining (and many other films).

3. Vertical Flight

            You would be surprised at how much visual variety you can get by just flying your camera on one axis of movement.  You can start at the ground and steadily fly straight up to replace the traditional crane shot, or fly straight down behind something to end a scene.

4. The Reveal

            This one is a little more open ended.  The essential aspect is, as the name says, that you reveal something.  There are many ways to do that.  One way is to start behind something, like a building, a tree, or a hill, and swing the drone around it to reveal the wider landscape.  Another way to reveal something is to start extremely high up, then fly right down, directly at it, ending with a close up shot.

Take a look at some of our drone footage below for some more inspiration!

5. The Horizon

            The Horizon shot is incredibly simple yet has incredible impact on the viewer.  Simply fly the drone up as high as you can, take a shot of the horizon, and maybe pan or strafe the camera slowly.  For maximum effect, take this shot at sunset or sunrise.  

As you can see, there are a seemingly infinite number of possibilities when shooting with a drone.  During your production, experiment!  If you have questions about drone videography, don't hesitate to ask us.  We offer HD Drone Video to all of our clients, so we'd be excited to add that to your production! 

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