Choosing the Right Style for your Explainer Video

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Choosing the Right Style Explainer Video

When we start on an explainer video, one of the most common questions is “what kind of style are explainer videos shot in?”  The answer to that question is simple: it depends.  What do you want your explainer video to look like?  It’s more than just a simple commercial, it’s an extension of your brand, and a tool that sorts out any questions your customers might have.  That’s why it’s important to produce it in the way that best fits your needs.  Below are some of the most common explainer video formats. 

2D animation

Two dimensional animated explainer videos are usually colorful, fast-paced, and engaging.  They’re enjoyable to watch, and evoke emotion that the viewer associates with the imagery in the video.  The best part of these videos is that it’s easy to fill the video with variations of your company logo and colors.  It not only explains something, but advertises it as well. 

3D animation

Three Dimensional animation is typically used for big-budget television commercials and major motion pictures.  This is because it is extremely expensive.  3D animation is a very specific skill, and even the best animators take lots of time to perfect each shot.  These are usually narrative, and follow a simple story. 

Live Action

Live action explainers are great for companies trying to make a personal connection.  No matter how powerful or well-animated an explainer is, nothing beats having an actual human talk directly to your audience.    


Typography videos make use of visually appealing fonts and motion techniques.  The script of your video is typed out fully and displayed on screen one line or phrase at a time.  It’s up to you and your editor how to size and position each part of the script, because different methods will have different effects on the audience.  The best part of typography videos is the ability to emphasize exactly the thoughts you want to while utilizing an extremely simple format. 

Screen Capture

Screen capture videos, as the name implies, are videos where the action on someone’s computer screen is recorded.  Typically, the content of the video is informational, educational, and solves a problem that customers may run into.  If you’re selling a computer program, or a web service, these videos are ideal.  They are a cost-effective way of making your customers’ experience even better. 

We know that starting a video can be the most overwhelming part of the production process.  Especially when trying to produce an explainer video, it can be impossible to decide between all the different options you’re given.  At VideoExperts, we break things down and help you choose the style that will get you the best results. 

Here's one of our examples of an explainer video. Which format do you think we would categorize this as? 

Tell us what you think and Contact us with any questions. No matter the size and type of your production, Video Experts can help. 

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