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  |   May 07 2015   |   Posted in: Inspiration

Why your band needs a studio session video

If your band is looking to score a memorable music video in the hopes of going viral, it might be time to cough up the money for a high quality studio session video.

Having a top notch audio track goes without saying; there’s no question musicians are able to recognize good quality audio, but with the added visuals you have the potential for some real name recognition. Sites like “The Wild Honey Pie” are becoming more popular with bands as a way to share new, or even just acoustic versions of songs, as well as forming a more intimate connection with the audience. 

Many lesser known bands make the mistake of trying to go too “high-concept” for music videos, which at this point in the game, need to be of the highest quality in terms of equipment and execution, and quite frankly, videographers who are willing to work for free usually can’t deliver.  A studio session is surprisingly easy to shoot, and much more affordable than you’d think.  It’s definitely worth it to have an eye-catching video that can showcase your band’s sound, and lets people get to know you guys; how you view yourselves, your sense of humor, and how you get along with each other.  Let’s not forget the best part of having a video, which is how easy it is to share online – a few clicks and your video spreads across the social media landscape like wildfire – not only can people recognize your name and sound, but they’ll be able to put a face to your music. 

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