Why You Should Use a Teleprompter

  |   Jun 18 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business

What is a Teleprompter?

In short, a teleprompter is a device used to project a written script or speech for the speaker to read while maintaining eye contact with the audience. It ensures the reader will deliver a consistent and accurate speech, while giving the illusion of spontaneity.

Why it’s useful:

Rather than memorizing a giant block of text, and risk fumbling through a hundred takes on camera – the teleprompter has all the information you need resting comfortably in front of you, on a screen directly in front of the lens.

Don’t worry about trying to keep up with it either – the person running the teleprompter is trained to follow your pace and speech patterns.

With the glass reflecting right in front of the camera lens, you don’t have to worry about sight lines being all over the place – the subject can always be speaking to the camera without having to look away.

Check out our post on Teleprompter tips for more info on how to prepare for a teleprompter shoot!

Here's a video we made for a client using our teleprompter

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