Instagram, Snapchat & Vines - Oh My!

  |   Jun 23 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address

Short-form content as a long-term strategy

As attention spans shrink, so too must the run time on adverts and commercials. Our time is important to us – and we don’t want to be robbed of a minute of it, let alone three minutes so that some company whose name we won’t remember can try and sell us mutual funds, whatever those are (See how much I pay attention?)

That’s why I don’t mind the idea of advertising blending into content. Now, hear me out – I’m not talking about product placement, or even worse, advertising disguised as content (cough, native advertising, cough) but rather, when brands create original content to entertain, and not just sell.

Here's an Instagram video we made for The Farm Table, located in Kringle Candle.

With the aid of social media, brands are getting us to pay attention to them again. They know we’re likely to skip a two minute ad before watching a video online – which is why they’ve started making 15-second snapchats, or 7-second vines, that hold your attention without you even realizing.  One of my favorites is an Instagram video from Target, riffing on Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” cover. It’s cute, it’s quick, and I ended up watching it a few times before realizing it was looping back around again. Well played, Target. 


The Bellas in #PitchPerfect2 know where the groove is. Jam out. Cups, #TargetStyle

A video posted by Target (@target) on

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