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  |   Jul 22 2015   |   Posted in: Business to Business


Vlogging , or Video Blogging, has been rising in popularity over the past few years.  Video blogging is a good alternative for your followers who don't have the time (or attention span) to read a lengthy article.  A video can also compliment any article to really drive home a point and accurately show your visual learners something they can better understand.

No one knows this better than Debbie Fay of BeSpeak Presentations.  Debbie Fay is a public speaking coach, who uses a monthly VLOG post to increase her audience reach, and to get creative with her public speaking tips. Having professional green screen videos shot for her blog lend her a sense of credibility with the audience, and makes her stand out as an authority on the matter. 

In this video, Debbie speaks on how to give a good wedding toast.  Although Debbie is mostly a corporate public speaking coach, she chose a fun and light topic to grab her followers attention.  Take a look below!


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