How Do You Know if Your Video Marketing is Working?

  |   Jan 14 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


You produced a video and you put it on your website, youtube, facebook, etc… but your video seems to have gone unnoticed and sales have remained the same. What is going on here? A video was supposed to get you noticed and drive sales up, but nothing seems to be happening.

There are a couple things that could be holding your video marketing strategy back.

1. Your Video is too Long
You packed in as much information as possible for your viewer… you wanted to adequately educate them on everything about your business. That’s great, but think about the last video you watched on the internet. How long was it? Thirty seconds? A minute? Maybe even two? The longer your video, the less likely people are to watching it entirely. Keep your video short and get to the point as quick as possible.

2. Too Many Messages
This ties in with #1. You wanted to tell your customer about your new product, deals, location, awards, company culture, and a message from you personally. What did your viewer take away? Not much… actually, they probably didn’t even watch the whole thing. All of these things can be broken up into their own separate videos, delivering a specific takeaway for each one.

3. Focusing on the Features and Not the Benefits
You have a great product or service. It does so many things that the list is endless. As impressive as that may be, your viewer only cares about one thing, how it will benefit them. Use your video to show how the features of your product or service will help them. You can show the features without actually saying them. That’s the power of video.

4. Call to Action
At any point in your video did you ask the viewer to do something? Visit your website? Subscribe to your email? Anything like that? Make sure you have a clear call to action for your viewers so you don’t lose a valuable lead.

5. Your Script
The longer your video is, the larger drop in viewer engagement. Put your selling points in the beginning to grab your viewer so even if they do click off, they may already be sold.

6. Target Audience
Who is this video intended for? Ok so your product or service can work for everyone, but your video is reaching no one. When you try to speak to everyone. you speak to no one. You need to decide which audience you want to address, because each one will have different needs and selling points.

7. Not Utilizing the Power of the Internet
You posted your video to your website, youtube, and facebook, but you haven’t gotten any shares or likes. Why is this? To increase the visibility of your video, you need to use proper SEO. There are tactics that can increase your web traffic for your video and website.

8. Your Goal
Having a video just to have one will do more harm than good. Your video should help with your overall business strategy. Figure out what objective you want your video to achieve.

9. Branding
Maybe you have an amazing cinematic experience for your viewers, but they still don’t know who you are or what you do by the end of the video. It is important to brand your video and promote your business.

10. Instant Results
Your video isn’t going viral. Good video marketing involves strategy, consistency, devotion, and patience.


Tom Grenier
Senior Editor

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