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When hosting videos online, everyone’s default seems to be YouTube – it’s often cited as the second largest search engine next to Google, it's free, and everybody already uses it.  Look, YouTube is great when you’re searching for a video clip your friend just HAS to watch because "Seriously man, it’s SO funny," but it’s not necessarily the best video hosting site for your website.

Without coming down too hard on YouTube (I mean... we post videos there all the time) you should always use private video hosting for your website.  This is why:

  • Keep them on your website. You've spent thousands of dollars or countless hours so your SEO (search engine optimization) is perfect and your target customer finds your site. If the first thing they see is a YouTube video and they click on the YouTube icon you could lose them to the YouTube abyss. 
  • YouTube offers limited customization. It is much easier to brand your videos with company logos, colors, and thumbnails on sites like iPlayerHDVimeo or Wistia. YouTube just doesn’t really give you a lot of options; combine that with a cleaner looking video player, private hosting definitely gives a more “professional” look and feel.
  • Many companies block YouTube for its notorious reputation as a time waster.
  • The Ads. Oh god, the Ads! You have very little control over the ads on YouTube – most videos are crawling with them! Pre-roll ads, banner ads, promoted and related video ads, and the worst – the pop-up ads that take up the bottom portion of your actual video, which we all know are beyond frustrating. Or how about this! a competitors ad.

That’s why private video hosting has become more popular with businesses. Sites like iPlayerHDVimeo, and Wistia - which are made for business – have no ads, much better customer service and far superior analytics for tracking your videos. 

Make no mistake, you still need to put your videos on YouTube (it's FREE afterall).  However, I’m not a fan of having a YouTube video on the home page of a website for the reasons mentioned above.

This is a great video we stumbled on, showing how annoying those ads on YouTube can be. Ironically enough we found this video on Youtube, and yes, it was technically an ad. C’est La Vie. 


Interrupted // Advertisements Suck from Saman Kesh on Vimeo.


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