Online Video Content: Big Benefits for Small Business

  |   Oct 15 2015   |   Posted in: Inspiration, Informational Address, Business to Business



There is a serious lack of video content online for small businesses. Here’s why you need to stop looking at high quality video content as another expense, and start seeing it as an investment.

Videos aren’t just for major brands anymore – your small business or startup can benefit from greater name recognition, and that means you have to extend your reach across all types of social media platforms, most of which are video-friendly and make it easier than ever to share your content with friends and customers.  There are people out there looking for your service and video is another way of reaching out to them.

Sure, I can throw out all sorts of numbers and statistics, like how an Unruly study found that video increases purchase intent by 97%. Or that it also improves brand association by 139%! Which is a crazy percentage you really can’t ignore – but I won’t keep bogging you down with numbers, so hear me out.

With a video you can introduce yourself and your company to potential customers, talk about your company’s culture, your staff, what makes you special – more importantly you can SHOW people this, rather than make them read about it.

This doesn’t just mean commercials either; now that there are so many ways to share it, you can get really creative with the type of video you make depending on where you plan to show it

A promotional video is a great place to start. Similar to a commercial, but a little bit longer in length, a promo video will allow you to go more in depth about what makes your business special. Show us your place, product, what you do, who works for you and why they love it. Help other people understand why they should trust you and your business.

Here's a great example of a promo video from the Speakeasy Coffee Company in Pennsylvania 

Have any similar videos you want to share?  Share them below!  If you need help creating your video, contact the Experts!

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