Take Your Video Production to the Next Level: Pre-Production

  |   Oct 27 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address


It all starts with a great idea…

…But an idea without proper planning is rarely executed well. 

The difference between a great video and a mediocre one is in the planning – the more prepared you are for a shoot, the smoother things will run – and the better your production will be for it! These are some basic components of the Pre-production stage that tend to slip through the cracks:

Strong Concept – More than just the initial idea, a strong concept also knows its audience – who is this video for? What information do they need, and what’s the best way to deliver that message? I would also go so far as to include the distribution piece in this category as well – if you know who your audience is, you’ll know how to reach them – you’ll need to know how this video will be distributed, and where.

Scripting – The stronger the concept, the easier it will be to write the script; and I’m sure you’re tired of reading the same thing about this step – “Write a story, not a sales pitch”, “Emotionally connect with your audience” “Beginning, middle, end!” – but I’d like to go beyond the basics for a minute. What many people tend to forget - since they usually are not experienced script writers – is that a script is going to be spoken aloud, and the language and structure needs to be adjusted accordingly. 

Many people will submit a script that reads well, but find to their dismay while actually shooting that the actors stumble over lines, or sound unnatural. They are writing for the reader, and not the speaker – these differences can be subtle at times, so I would stress the importance of reading your script out loud before trying to film it.

Location – Whether you’re scouting out a location to shoot, or you have one in mind already, I’d suggest spending some time there and paying attention to what sounds can be heard from inside the room. If you can hear traffic noises, lawnmowers, or people shuffling around upstairs, you can bet a microphone will pick all of that up. You can feel free to disregard this step if you’re not using any production audio,  but if there is anyone speaking on camera, it’s important that these things be noted ahead of time.   

The importance of pre-production cannot be stressed enough, and the more time you invest in it, the more you'll get out of your video production. 


Need help planning your production?  Tell us about it in the comments below or ask the Experts!

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