Get Creative With Your Video

  |   Nov 03 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


Get Creative With Your Video

Video production isn’t just for businesses or selling a product—there are any number of ways you can use video content—here are just a couple:

Waiting Room Videos:

It is easier than ever to produce customizable video content, and video has now extended its reach into the medical and dental fields – or more specifically, the waiting rooms. Why not put your patients at ease, and keep them engaged while they’re waiting, with a presentation you can play on a continuous loop, detailing either specific procedures, services offered, before and after cases, and information about the doctors and staff. 

Web Series:

Consistency is key in the video marketing world, so why dump all of your resources into one video in the hope that it will go viral – chances are, it probably won’t – but putting out videos regularly will build you a following, which is much more effective in the long run, especially if those videos are professionally shot and edited.

Personal Profiles:

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur, you run a non-profit, host community events, or work in local governments – anything that gets you face to face with customers – personal profiles are a great way to introduce yourself and your team. It’s all about personalizing your message, right? That’s the best way to either connect with your audience, encourage them to donate, or even to join your cause!  

Since video has become so ubiquitous in the online marketing world, businesses have found no shortage of ways to harness their persuasive power -- but brands and products shouldn't be the only ones reaping the rewards of this new mobile era -- Contact us today about implementing video in your marketing or branding strategy!

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