Raise Your Video Production Value With Aerial Drone Footage

  |   Dec 04 2015   |   Posted in: Business to Business


Sweeping aerial shots are no longer reserved for big budget Hollywood productions. Thanks to commercial drones, raising the production value of a shoot is easier (and more affordable) than ever!

What used to require a helicopter, pilot, and a separate crew can now be done with one man and a compact piece of equipment. To go from hovering a couple inches off the ground to flying a couple hundred feet in the air, inside a room and out, through windows and doors in a matter of minutes—these shots were just not possible in the past.

Drones are being used more often in television and film production, but there are any number of other ways this footage can be used in productions of any scale – check out some of our footage!

Can you spot the drone footage in this production we did for The Glastonbury Boathouse?


Have any cool ideas for drone shots? Leave a comment below or contact us!

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