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  |   Dec 01 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


So now that you’ve spent all that time making a video you are proud of – how do you get people to watch it?

The end of a production is just as important as the start – why waste all that time and preparation on making a unique, and engaging video if no one is going to see it? Make sure you know where to post the video, and how to get the most views!

Make sure you post your video EVERYWHERE – Just about every social media site allows you to share video content, so make good use of all of them, while emailing a list of subscribers or loyal fans directly.  The best part about social media sharing is that it's FREE!

A few things to remember when uploading your video:

  • Give it a snappy title - Make it short and sweet! It should grab your viewer’s attention immediately.  Think what words your viewer would search to find your video.

  • Write a description - This will boost your video's SEO exponentially.

  • Tag it - Make sure to use appropriate keywords that describe your video.  NOTE: Random keywords hurt SEO.  AND don't forget to tag everyone involved in the video too!  They will most likely share it if they are tagged.

  • Timing is everything - Start sharing your video with as many people as possible! Think of when your audience is most likely to watch, and release it right before - nights and weekends are your best bet!

If you take the time to do these little things, you will notice a rise in your videos' views almost immediately.  If you need help raising awareness for your videos, (or creating videos) comment in the section below or contact the Experts!

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