How to Verify Your YouTube Account and Set Custom Thumbnails

  |   Oct 14 2014   |   Posted in: Informational Address


You are probably wondering why you would need to verify your YouTube account. Verifying your account not only makes your channel more searchable, but it allows you to do simple things that an unverified account is unable to do… such as change your video thumbnail.

So you set up your YouTube account and that’s it right? Give them your email, make a password and make your channel name. Maybe add some pictures to your channel to spruce it up a bit. (Make sure those pictures are appropriate and coincide with your branding). You upload your first video and that’s it. Your done right? But wait, the thumbnail on your video is you with your mouth half open and your eyes crossed and the other two options are not much better. There isn’t even an option for a custom thumbnail, but you see other videos have them.

Verifying your account is easy and lets you do the one simple feature that matters most (change your thumbnail!!)

Step one: Log into your CREATOR STUDIO.

Step two: Go to “Status and features” under the “CHANNEL” tab.

Step three: Click “Verify” (no really it’s that easy) and they will send you a code to do so.

Step four: Choose if you want to verify through email, sms text (quickest and easiest option), or automated phone call (don’t do this one if you can, the robot is sometimes hard to understand).

Step five: Enter your verification code and viola, you have a verified YouTube account.

Don’t worry about giving them your number if you opt to verify by text or call, in my experience, they never text or call you again and your phone is not entered into any spam lists or hacked. Sure anything is possible but I’ve never heard of it happening.

Setting your custom thumbnail is even easier than verifying your account.

Step one: Upload your video (Don’t forget to give it a title, description, tags, etc.).

Step two: Click the “Custom thumbnail” button.

Step three: Choose your thumbnail.

Step four: Save.

Done. That’s it. Easy. Just make sure that your thumbnail is clean and void of any inappropriate images. If you added text to your thumbnail, realize that if you were to embed that video anywhere there will be a play button in the middle of the player window. Organize your text accordingly so that it is readable with the play button in the middle.

The size recommended by YouTube is 1280×720 pixels, uploaded as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .png.

We usually do a 1920×1080 sized thumbnail because we film and produce our videos in 1080, so we want our thumbnail to match our video.

Pro Tip: If you want to email your video but want a more professional look than just the YouTube link, use your custom thumbnail in your email, but keep the play button on so people know it’s linked to a YouTube video. Don’t forget to link your video to your thumbnail in your email, just adding the thumbnail doesn’t link it automatically. Usually all you have to do is right click on the thumbnail and click “link” and then copy and paste the video URL into it.

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