Why Your Video Is NOT Being Watched

  |   Dec 15 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


Why Won’t Anyone Watch My Video?

So you took the time, set aside the funds, and produced some top-notch video content for your brand, product, what have you – but now your viewer count isn’t anywhere near where you thought it would be. There may be a couple reasons you’re struggling to get people to watch your content:

Have you done your keyword research? That way you’ll have an idea of what people are actually searching for, and you can come up with a title, description and tags that get you to the first page of search results.

By that same token – even if you have the right words that give you visibility, they still have to be interesting. The goal after all is to get new people to watch. If your thumbnail image is a generic icon, and your description is full of technical or industry jargon that’s hard for outsiders to understand you’ll just be passed over.

Nobody links to it – given that Facebook is a major peddler of video content now, this point is key – a great video can, and will be shared on social media (Especially if it’s particularly clever, or funny) but Facebook is the best way for people to share what they like – make sure your video is one people will want to spread around.

It’s way too long – Longer videos still serve a purpose, don’t get me wrong – but it’s better to have some short form content up as a way to really hook your audience. 

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