How to Stick the Landing Page Video

  |   Jan 19 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


There are any number of reasons why having a landing page video on your website will benefit you in the long run, but before we get into that, it’s probably best that we clear one thing up:

What is a landing page?

It’s important to note that a landing page is not your homepage – a landing page has one single conversion objective, which is why landing page videos with a clear call to action are so effective. Usually linked from your homepage, a landing page has a clear and focused objective, usually without any other ties or links to your main website, as this could be distracting from the page’s primary goal. This is where a video can really make a difference.

Benefits of landing page videos:

Keep visitors on your page longer

We all know by now that the average consumer’s attention span is about 8 seconds or so—which means you’ve got to hook people faster, and the best way to do that is with video. Video is much more engaging, and can hold viewer’s attention for an average of 2.7 minutes!

Show, don’t tell

Humans are visual creatures, and we respond better to images and videos than we do to large blocks of text. We are more engaged, and we retain information better than we do from reading.

Go Viral

Images and video get shared and spread around more often – when was the last time you saw a big chunk of text go viral?

A great example of an effective landing page video is one made for Google Drive:

The video is short, to the point, and used to highlight the benefits of Google Drive rather than showing how to use it. The goal of a landing page video is to convince people of something in the quickest way possible, and Google Drive does just that by making sure every day users know how they can benefit from using it.

Our landing page video is also a great example of the Video Experts living up to their name:


There are definitely more benefits to having a landing page video, but the biggest ones increase your page views, viewer engagement, and make sure your message is easy to spread across different types of social media platforms. There's a reason companies and brands are increasing their video marketing budgets this year, and it's because in study after study it's been shown how powerfully effective video marketing is, no matter what you're selling. 

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