Video Marketing Quarterly Review - Video: Best ROI in 2016

  |   Feb 26 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Video, Informational Address, Business to Business

February 2016

Video: Best ROI in 2016

In our first ever “Video Marketing Quarterly Review,” we will briefly discuss the rapidly changing world of video marketing and how your business fits into it.

Throughout 2015 we have witnessed a large schism between modern and traditional video marketing efforts across all industries.  In terms of video marketing, the paradigm has quickly shifted towards content marketing above all.  This is due to the rapidly evolving technology world.  As technology grows, the need for video marketing has become essential for every business.   New marketing revolves around the customer as an individual, are you ready for the future of video marketing?
The Old
The old strategy was to get the word out about your business as loud and to as many people as possible.  The idea was to stay top of mind, but constantly reminding people you exist isn’t enough anymore.  I think the old saying goes, “If you try to speak to everybody, you speak to nobody.”  Television isn’t the only way to broadcast to your customers anymore, it’s time to expand your efforts to effectively reach your ideal clients.
The New
In today’s day and age, content is key.  Delivering relevant and valuable content to potential and current customers is the best way to stay top of mind as well as become a trusted brand in your industry.  The age of the long form video is over.  With the large and ever growing amount of video content, it is more important than ever to convey relevant information that can be quickly understood, and with all those videos competing for attention it is even more important to keep your videos short, sweet, and visually appeasing.
The Future
The future is here and video is a big part of it.  Unlike old video marketing efforts there are many moving parts to modern video marketing.  Television broadcast still has its place in the mix, but mobile and social audiences need attention as well.  Customer service has become a vital part of video marketing, enhancing the idea of customer experience.  It is now possible to map the customer experience and provide them with helpful tips and information throughout their involvement with your company.  A good video marketing strategy will take into account customer expectations and customized for each part of the customer life-cycle.

Take a look at your current marketing strategy.  How do your customers think and feel about your product or service?  Are all their needs being met?  Are there problematic gaps in customer service for your business?  Are you speaking to your ideal client?  2016 is going to be the year of strategic video marketing.  When creating your marketing strategy, don’t forget to talk to the experts who know how to leverage new technologies and utilize video in a way that will enhance your product or service to new heights.
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