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  |   Mar 08 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


Consistency is Key

When it comes to consistency of content or posting, the importance of regularly ‘checking in’ so to speak, is one of the best ways you can start building a following. The danger here is in becoming obsessed with perfection. While it's important to make sure you are posting quality content as often as possible, it's also worth noting that it often takes some time for people to really find their voice - and in this sense quantity is as important as quality; the more you post, the better you will be at it!

Be a leader

If you want to build an audience, you need to have a vision for your followers. Don’t let short-term goals and the need for instant gratification cloud your vision of the future. This great post on Fizzle delves more deeply into developing your vision:

Be informative, but authentic

With new social media platforms sprouting like weeds, content creation is at an all time high. Getting your voice out there is easier than ever, but making sure your message is actually heard has become all the more challenging.  A great way to overcome “Content Fatigue” is to teach something, (even if it's simple) and inject it with a heavy dose of personality. Put your own spin, or brand into what you're selling. Maybe everything has been said and done before, but it hasn't been said in your unique voice, and that's why it's important.


Wayne Connors from Retirement Investor is a great example of this; his monthly video newsletters are a consistent reminder to customers that he is an authority in regards to retirement investing, and he is staying top of mind by posting authentic, informative videos on a regular basis:

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