8 Things to Know Before Filming a Presentation

  |   Mar 22 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Video, Business to Business


7 Things You Should Know Before You Film a Presentation

How to get the most out of a recorded presentation


  1. Although movement is a great way to energize and entertain an audience, do your best to avoid standing in front of the light of your projector (if you are using one.)
  2. Wearing heels or wooden souled dress shoes, for example, could create loud clunking noises when you walk. Putting an area carpet(s) down on the stage will greatly reduce any clunky shoe noises. 
  3. Avoid reading your presentation.
  4. If you are going to play a video/audio of any kind, make sure you are playing from a quality sound system.  At all cost avoid the temptation to hold a microphone up to your laptop speakers, there are all sorts of things that can go wrong and the results could be disastrous. Also, it is highly recommended to have a professional audio technician on hand to handle any audio challenges that can occur, or have a sound system that you have tested and understand. You don’t want your presentation or video to get ruined because of bad audio.
  5. Don’t hold a pen with a click top.  The temptation to click while talking might be too great.
  6. If you are going to have a Q&A session, have a person that can hand audience members a microphone so the question can be heard clearly.  For larger audiences have multiple microphones ready to be passed around.  Also for Q&A, always repeat the question so:
    1. the question is clearly recorded for your video.
    2. the rest of the audience can hear the question.
    3. you’ll know you heard the question correctly.
  7. The videographer who films your presentation should ask you to wear a small lapel microphone, so make sure to wear something it can clip onto, such as a suit jacket or button down shirt. For women who may wear a dress, or outfit without a jacket, talk to your videographer for different options because it could be difficult to attach a lapel microphone and almost impossible to comfortably attach a body pack.
  8. The clothes you have on not only must match your audience’s expectations, but will have to look good on camera as well.

Many of these tips come from our friend Debbie Fay at BeSpeak Presentations. For a ton more great tips buy Debbie’s book “Nail It”.  Whether you are a beginning speaker or an experienced one, this book will make you better, period.

To help you decide what to wear as well as a more detailed list of tips, download our 8 Things You Should Know Before You Film a Presentation Guide, which also includes an extensive description on what looks best in terms of clothing when being filmed.

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