5 Ways to Increase Your Lead Generation

  |   Jun 16 2016   |   Posted in: Business to Business


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5 Ways to Increase Lead Generation

Chances are if you’ve stumbled across this post it’s because you’re already aware of ‘The Goldilocks Effect’ of online video – a dense wall of text is too long to hold a person’s interest. An image is often guilty of not providing enough information – but a video is just right for our attention spans and the way we consume information.

Funnily enough, it's not even the quality of the content itself that necessarily has the greatest impact on consumers - just the fact that you offer them the option of watching a video seems to be enough for most consumers.  

This sentiment is echoed by a recent Animoto study that found that 1 in 4 consumers actually lose interest in a company if it isn’t incorporating video into its marketing strategy

So it’s no longer a question of whether or not you should add a video component to your marketing efforts, but rather, how can you make sure it’s as effective as possible?

Insert a Lead Capture Form at the Start of a Video

Think of Lead capture forms as an entrance fee – tease them a bit, make them want to see more – then ask for them to submit their email in order to watch the rest of the video content.

“Wistia offers a feature called ‘Turnstile’ that allows you to insert a lead capture form anywhere in your video either to completely gate your video content or just make it optional for viewers to submit their emails to receive future content from your company”

Keep it Short!

This one almost goes without saying, but viewer engagement has a limited lifespan, and if you don’t get to the point quickly your audience will have clicked away before you even get to the actual sales pitch. Interestingly enough, the length of the content is correlated to how much of that content is viewed, as Wistia’s video analytics found

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Wistia's Ben Ruedlinger advises that you should open your video with the most important information first, with the understanding that most viewers will give you the first few seconds to make your pitch, and take the overall length of the video into consideration when deciding whether to watch or skip it. 

Make it Mobile

80% of internet users own a smartphone, which incidentally is how they’re watching and sharing the majority of the video content they consume. The statistics on mobile video viewing that come out every year are increasingly staggering – with some projecting that by 2019, 80% of our internet diet will be made up of video content – this is in no small part due to our increased use of mobile devices.

So make your content with the mobile user in mind – use on-screen text wisely, as most mobile video is viewed in public without the use of sound. It’s also important to tailor your content to the platform it’s being launched from – this is why viral video campaigns work, but rarely across all social media platforms equally – some flourish on Facebook, while withering on YouTube – take the ALS Ice bucket challenge as an example – because the type of content determines the best way to share it, and some mediums just work better than others, so take this into consideration as well.

Content Curation

While consistently creating and sharing content is important, most marketers have found the not-so-secret ingredient to SEO success is content curation – finding and gathering the best and most relevant information and placing it into context for your audience. Give them the gist, and tell them why they should care – this is usually done by adding your own commentary on the topic – they’ll appreciate you doing the heavy lifting for them. As a bonus, mixing curated content in with your own original content means you’re posting more frequently, and therefore making your site appear more relevant to search engines.

Create a smooth onboarding process

Overly complicated walls of text or instructions frustrates people easily – they get distracted and wander over to a competitors site instead – keep them on your page longer by providing instructional videos to help guide them through the process – they’ll appreciate the clarity and functionality

Contact us today, and take your lead generation to the next level by using the power of video to your advantage!

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