Filmmaker Tools - Premium Beat & Other Stock Music Sites

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Filmmaker Tools - Premium Beat & Other Stock Music Sites

When you hear the term “Stock Music,” you may think of cheesy, out dated, over produced music.  Music is a powerful piece of the video production puzzle.  It can evoke a great amount of information and emotion in any given video.  It you to be a pain in the @$#! to find the right music, but in recent years some stock music sites emerged that changed the game.  My favorite right now is Premium Beat, not only because they have an extensive library of interesting music, but they also have great resources for filmmakers as well.

Whoever made this video is genius, btw:

Here's a couple other stock music sites that are pretty awesome too:

Marmoset Music

Audio Jungle

Song Freedom

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VancityGold - May 18 2017
Check out . Honestly the best stock music site I've come across yet after years of using PremiumBeat and MusicBed.
VideoExperts - May 23 2017
Thanks for the tip! We'll check it out.

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