Anatomy of a Great Promotional Video

  |   Jul 28 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business



It’s important to know the difference between a promo and sales video, and to make it clear from the start. Promotional videos tend to be longer, and are a great introduction to your organization or even just your company's website 


choosing the right spokesperson is crucial and ties in with the concept. Choose someone who the audience will enjoy watching and listening to. The right actor can make even the dullest content shine


The shorter the better – with so much content out there, it’s harder to capture a viewer’s attention, so make it easier on them by getting right to the point. It’s easy to assume that once you hook people at the start, you can take them along for a longer ride, but new research finds that the length of the video is one of the biggest determining factors in whether or not a person will even click to watch it, which means your word choice needs to be ruthlessly efficient


While it might be tempting to just read off a company brochure, or any other previously written copy, this tactic pretty much guarantees a viewer’s boredom. Write as if you were talking to a friend, rather than talking at some faceless audience.

Call to Action

Somewhere in the video (and preferably more than once) you should include a call to action – without it, the video doesn’t really have a purpose. Use the call to action to make it easier to contact you for more information, visit your website, reach you by phone or email, or share the video on social media.

Quality Audio 

You can have a fantastic script, a killer concept, and the coolest locations, but poor audio quality will keep people from tuning in. Audio is one of the most important (and most often overlooked) pieces of the video puzzle. Scratchy or buzzing mics, distracting background noise, or improperly mixed music tracks are an instant turn-off, and usually scream amateur. Professional audio quality is the easiest way to establish credibility, and convey a professional tone – don’t ignore this critical piece!

Visual Appeal

This is a video, after all, and it’s important that everything in the frame be visually appealing to the eye. Don’t keep the camera stationary for the entirety of the video, as this is (YAWN) the definition boring. Be aware of what’s in the background, and clear out any unnecessary clutter that may be distracting – or, choose a lens that throws the background out of focus – just do whatever you can to ensure attention isn’t pulled away from the speaker. Use a tripod to avoid the dreaded camera shake – unless you’re going for that rough, “Cloverfield” look, but we wouldn’t recommend that. Add in some cool motion graphics or animation to make the video a bit more fun and interesting to watch – just make sure it serves a purpose though – overdoing it can be a major turn-off. 

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