Why Animate Your Logo?

  |   Jul 28 2016   |   Posted in: Inspiration, Informational Video, Business to Business


Animated Logo

Why Animate Your Logo?

Disclaimer:  Animating your logo does not mean changing your logo.  A company’s logo is not to be messed with.

That being said…  Part of the service we offer is logo animation.  Usually it is subtle and elegant.  The reason we like animating your logo is because it adds a little extra style to your video and shows off your brand’s personality.  Not only that, but a well presented logo animation looks very professional and gaurentees that your brand offers a quality product or service.  It also looks really cool.

Here are a couple examples we have recently done for CzepigaDalyPope.  They didn’t want any "over the top" animations, just a little flare for their viewers.  As we know, a little goes a long way:

Opening Title

Logo Animation

A simple animated title including the CzepigaDalyPope logo above it.  Just a little subtle branding to an otherwise plain screen.

Lower Third

Lower Animated Company Logo

Using the same animation for the logo as well as a smooth move on for the name, we have a nice lower third.

End Title

Centered Animated Logo

Last but not least the end screen, complete with contact information.

Then there are logo animations that have a little more pop, such as our very own logo animation:

Rolling Animated Logo


Need an animated logo for your business?  Or a whole video for that matter?  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Michael Valente - May 17 2017
Steve, the animation on the logos are amazing! What program do you use to animate the logos?
VideoExperts - May 23 2017
Thanks Michael! We use Adobe After Effects for animation.

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