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  |   Oct 11 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


Why check your analytics?

I'll tell you why! To create improved branded content and get your videos discovered in search engines like Google and YouTube.  Also to make sure they’re watched by the largest and most relevant audience possible, and shared across social media platforms, emails, and embedded in other websites. Following is a list of analytical tools that can be found on most video hosting websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, iPlayerHD, Brightcove, etc.

Play rate 

This shows the number of player loads where the viewer actually plays the video. This could also indicate how well the video is integrated into the site, whether the video is embedded in a visible location on the page, or if the thumbnail image is relevant or tantalizing enough to click on.

Player Load Times

Studies by Google and other big names in tech demonstrate that visitors spend less time on sites that respond slowly – one such study is ostensibly called something like, “Things that are so obvious to literally everybody it’s surprising they even had to study it”. The point is that slower-loading players will demonstrably reduce play rates and weaken engagement.

Play Through Rate

How much of your video did people actually watch? Where did you lose them? Does it even matter? The short answer here is ‘of course’ and even shorter than that is ‘duh’. Histograms of these metrics allow you to hone in and see exactly where you lost people, allowing you to improve on your next attempt. If you post a video that is two minutes long, and people start dropping off at the one minute mark, it means you need to hurry up and make your point faster which leads us to…

Conversion rates

These metrics help you figure out if people stop watching earlier in order to make a purchase, or because it’s too painful to sit through the entirety of it.

Video SEO

Know which keywords are driving the most video views. Play around with titles and tags – A/B test to figure out which titles or keywords get the best results.

Understanding the analytical tools is the first step to a successful video marketing strategy.  We constantly use these tools to improve our content.

Not sure how to turn that mountain of data into an effective strategy? Contact us today - we'll make sense of the metrics that matter!

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