Has Your Audience been Primed to Buy?

  |   Nov 29 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Video


So you know by now that “the medium is the message” and that your content should be tailored to your viewing audience as well as to the specific platform they’re viewing it on – but what about when to release that content? Which platform should you release it on first? Does it even matter?


You’ve spent countless hours creating all of this content, altering it to fit each specific platform, so that the message is uniquely tuned to the audience – and then you’re just going to hit send on all of them at once, so people can ignore them all at once – don’t make this mistake! Prime your audience to listen by staggering your content release times.

A Neuro-Insights study revealed that “higher levels of brain activity were reported among participants who saw ads on Facebook first, and then watched TV ads the next day”

They basically tested to see how people remembered ads better – if they saw an ad on TV one day, they weren’t likely to remember it the next – but when ‘primed’ by a Facebook ad the first day, they were not only more likely to be affected by it, they ranked above average in all 3 metrics being tested: Engagement, emotional intensity, and memory encoding. 

The data suggested that:

"Participants primed with brand ads on Facebook on Day 1 were more likely to make purchase decisions once they saw the TV ad on Day 2.

Neuro-Insight believes that, within this study, the ads on Facebook used to prime the TV ads acted as a teaser"

It's important that you use cross-channel advertising to your advantage. In previous studies, it was shown that people were more attentive and tended to feel more positively toward information posted on a smartphone than on a TV. So a Facebook-optimized video could be considered a "branding moment" which, when shown first, triggered a stronger reaction to the longer form content released on TV the following day. 


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