Time Lapse Videos are the Latest Trend - 5 Tips to Make a Professional Time Lapse

  |   Nov 01 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


time lapse image of beautiful sunset

Time Lapse Videos are the latest trend that can take your videos or photos to the next level. These videos are made by recording an object that changes over many hours and compressing it into a video that lasts only a few minutes.  You can feel just like a professional videographer by using your iPhone or GoPro to record these videos. Following these 5 simple tips can put you on your way to producing a high quality video with little experience and minimal editing.


Preparation and planning are key to optimizing your time while making a time lapse. You do not want to get to your destination, especially if it is in a remote location, and realize you have forgotten your tripod or chargers. Also, if it is a time sensitive video, such as filming the sunset or sunrise, and you don’t give yourself enough time to get there, you may not get the shots you need.


You want to make sure your batteries are fully charged and you bring extras with you or bring a power strip to charge your iPhone. You will be recording over a long period of time and you don’t want to have to cut it short because your battery died.


Don’t move the camera or phone! If you want a smooth, clear video you must keep the camera steady. A tripod is a good way to achieve this without investing too much money, but a stable table or chair will work too.


Creating a dramatic time lapse takes a lot of patience. It may take many hours of filming to achieve the effects you are looking for, but in the end, the longer the video you shoot, the more dramatic the results will be.


Your lighting should be consistent throughout the video. Whether it be natural light or indoor lighting, the optimal effects will be found if your lighting does not change at all.


Finally, your video is done! So, as you can see, if you have the time, patience and a vision, you can produce a quality video that requires minimal digital editing but gives optimal results. 


Check out the time lapse we made with our GoPro for our conference room:

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