6 Elements Of An Effective Promotional Video

  |   Nov 01 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


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6 Elements of An Effective Promotional Video

You have decided it is time to create a marketing video promoting your business or product but you’re not sure where to begin. You know your audience and who you are targeting but do you know how to effectively draw them in and keep their attention? Here are some tips to help you market your product and entertain at the same time.

1.  Know Your Target

You cannot market to everyone so focus on who your best customer is and target them. Ask yourself, who is my audience and how can I be of value to them? Once you have determined who that is, it is much easier to write your script with that persona in mind.

2.  Time

Keep your marketing video to no more then 10 seconds to one minute.  Any longer then that and you will lose your audience.  A short funny and entertaining video will hold an audience much longer then a long boring promotion that loses the customer in mere minutes.

3.  Script

Ask a question then answer it. This arouses curiosity. Then make a map or blueprint about what you are looking to achieve in your promotional video. Tell a story that draws your audience in and makes it relatable. Practice it in front of friends and family to be sure you are getting your message across effectively. 

4.  Quality

Quality is key in producing a marketing video.  Poor quality images and sound reflects negatively on your business and will not impress anyone. You may want to consider hiring a professional videographer to help achieve the best video possible.

5.  Entertain

Keep your audience engaged by entertaining them with humor, wit and movement. People like to laugh and if you can engage them in this manner then you have hooked a potential customer, now keep them engaged. Constant movement of the camera and/or the commentator will keep your persona interested and curious.

6.  Call to Action

Now that you have provided your target audience with information about your product or your business, it is time to reach out to them. Direct them to your website for further information, ask for their E-Mail address or a phone number. Then, most important, follow up.

Video marketing is key to promoting your business. By implementing these elements, you can be assured of an effective promotional video with many new customers or clients. 

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