How Effective will YouTube Advertising Be For Your Business

  |   Dec 13 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


How Effective will YouTube Advertising Be For Your Business

Using a video to advertise your business is a cost effective way to focus on your target audience.  One of the best sites to utilize is YouTube.  YouTube has over 1 billion users monthly making it the second largest search engine and the third most visited website behind Google and Facebook.  If you have a good quality, consumer-focused and entertaining video, this option would be most beneficial to you.

Think about it, you can literally reach millions of people and generate a large email list in a short period of time.  With your target audience in mind, placing the ad in a desirable location optimizes your potential to grow your clientele.  Millions of hours of YouTube videos are watched daily, both locally and throughout the world.

Here is an example of a YouTube Marketing Video for a condominium rental property in Punta Cana, DR Cuba Libre Paradise

Did you know that marketing on YouTube will get you found on Google?  And if you link your website to your ad then you are increasing your authority on Google, thus elevating your website higher in the search results. How easy is that? 

YouTube is also very cost effective.  Their philosophy is simple, if the viewer does not engage in your ad (by supplying an email or clicking on a link to your website) or if they do not watch at least 30 seconds, then you do not pay for that advertising.  That is unique to YouTube and an element that many businesses capitalize on daily.

Finally, YouTube is very user-friendly.  It can be used on a mobile device or desktop and it is easy to navigate and customize.  Many small businesses have seen their client base double or even triple as a result of YouTube advertising.  Don’t miss out on this valuable form of advertising.

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