How to Hire an Out-of-Town Video Production Company “On Location”

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How to Hire an Out-of-Town Video Production Company “On Location”

Location, location, location. 

The first step is to figure out where you need to shoot, then answer yourself this question; “should we send our people to that location(s) or hire a team from that location?”  If you chose the latter to avoid travel costs, equipment rentals, and a history of Murphy’s Law, then the next few tips are for you.

What is the scope of the project?

Are you looking to film scripted content, interviews, and/or simple b-roll?  And at what quality do you expect the clips to be?  Make sure you hire a production company that can handle your needs.  Take some time to research different options in the area.  Watch their reels and a couple of full productions for a better understanding of their consistency of quality.  It is best to hire a big production studio even for the small stuff.  If you have to film in that area again for a bigger production, you already built a relationship (hopefully a pleasant one) with a local studio that can handle all your needs.

How do you manage the quality of raw footage?

When working with an unfamiliar production company for the first time, it is hard to gauge the level of quality the raw footage will be, especially when having a representative from your company on location is not possible.  It could be possible that they have a great reel, but you are only seeing the best of the best, they could be lacking in other areas that are important to you.  This is why vetting the production company you go with is important.  Like I said before, watch a full production.  Ask for a recent video that is similar to your production if there aren’t any on their website.

Another good way to manage quality is to send raw reference clips to the production company.  We are visual people (you obviously have to be in this trade), a visual reference for how things should look will speak more than written description or instructions.

Multiple Locations?

If you are filming in multiple locations with different production companies, it would be best to require specific cameras and gear to match footage.  A good production company will know where to rent the best gear in the area to match your needs.  Also, create a spec sheet that can be sent to companies and/or contractors.  This could include important specifics such as frame rates and picture profiles.

Need a videographer or a production crew in Hartford, New York, Boston, or Rhode Island?

When production houses or advertising agencies need high-quality video in Hartford Connecticut or surrounding cities, but don’t want to pay high city costs, they hire the Video Experts.  We have experience working in broadcast television and film/movie crew support.  We understand the importance of deadlines and a serious commitment to quality.  The Video Experts studio is equipped with a small green screen studio and we have the access to key local locations and professional vendors of all types.  We have strong professional relationships throughout the industry in the North-East through 30 years as a full-service video production company.

Looking to hire a crew that fits all of your production needs?  Contact us HERE!



Shoot around Hartford like this guy and add video to the blog post.  (There’s no b-roll of Hartford like there is for NY or MA)

-No movement

-Time lapse to add variety and show off skills

-Show off only best, perfect exposure and creative shots


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