10 Quick Tips About Hiring A Video Production Company

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10 Quick Tips About Hiring A Video Production Company


As a business owner, you are constantly on the lookout for creative ways to expand your business. One way to do that is by producing a video to advertise your products or services or to provide training to your staff to make them more valuable to you. Never produced a video before? Your best plan of action is to seek out an independent video production company. Below are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a quality production company.

1. Check Credentials

Check out the company’s website. A reputable company will provide useful information on their website, including clips of work that they have produced in the past, testimonials from clients and background information on the staff who will be working on your video.

2. Online Reviews

You can use search engines such as Google to read reviews on the companies that you are considering. Although many video production companies may provide reviews on their own website, these tend to be slanted a bit. It is best to read reviews on an independent site.

3. Social Media

Visit the production company’s social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Most reputable companies will display their recent work. This will allow you to see the standard of work they do and give you some ideas of what you can use in your video.

4. Goals

Make sure you have your goals clearly outlined before meeting with a company. Do you want to attract new clients, educate consumers or train employees? You will want to provide them with the background of your company, what your vision is and how you think it should be portrayed on a video. The more the production company knows about you and your business, the more tailored your video will be.

5. Cost

Know your budget. Understand the concept of “you get what you pay for”. You should definitely obtain more than one quote so that you can do a cost comparison and are assured that you are getting the most for your money. Know what is included in that quote and what the cost is for “extras”. You don’t want to be blindsided later with a bill for travel or music that you thought was included in your quote.

6. Quality

You have a vision of how you want to see your goals portrayed on a video. Don’t compromise quality for cost. An experienced video production company will provide you with a quality video you can be proud of.

7. All Inclusive

A company that does all their own work in house would be the ideal situation. You really don’t want to engage with a company who subs out some of their work. This makes it difficult to control the whole production. It can affect cost and deadlines.

8. Deadlines

Have clear and reasonable deadlines for your project. Your video producer will need to now how much time they have to produce the quality video you are looking for and let you know if this is reasonable and can be accomplished.

9. Communication

Communication between you and your video production company is key to a successful video. Your time is valuable, if possible, assign a contact person within your company to handle the day to day requests and to follow up on assignments. The video company should also provide you with a contact person that is responsible for keeping you updated on their progress.

10. Options

If you are working on a limited budget, you may want to consider using a college student or a new video production company that is working on building their portfolio. Although they don’t have the experience of a seasoned company, they should be able to produce a quality video on a smaller budget. Clearly defined deadlines may be more difficult but if time constraints are not an issue then this may be an option for you.

Whether you are using a video production company to promote your product or train your employees, a quality video will be a valuable asset to you and your business. Research is key. Know your vision, understand the time and cost involved. Do not settle for less than the best you can afford. Ultimately the final product should be a valuable tool that will be profitable to you and your company.

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