Are You a Professional Speaker? Learn About How Videos Can Be Used as an Essential Selling Tool.

  |   Nov 29 2016   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


Are You a Professional Speaker? Learn About How Videos Can Be Used as an Essential Selling Tool.

As a Professional Speaker, speech is your product. Your focus is on audio instead of visual. Creating videos of your talent allows your client to SEE what you do instead of just hearing what you do. A video does not lie, what you see is what you get, so sell yourself!

Your video can display many aspects of what you do. You can create short snippets of your past work, feature a variety of venues that you have been featured in, or include some still photos of you and your audience. Adding music and special effects makes your video entertaining and draws in your audience. But don’t make it too flashy, it distracts the viewer from what you are trying to sell, which is YOU! Testimonials from former clients always adds value to your video. Don’t be afraid to ask for these testimonials, your clients will be happy to help promote you.

Next, display these videos on your website and share them on YouTube as well as all your social media sites. The feedback you get from video marketing will help you to identify your target audience. As a professional speaker, you know how to entertain as well as how to educate. You have spent countless hours honing your skills. Do not be afraid to show off a little.

Finally, a good Video Production company can be invaluable to you as you move forward with growing your business. At Video Experts, we have years of experience helping professional speakers build their website by utilizing content marketing and video marketing. Below is an example of one such video that we created for professional speaker Adri Miller Heckman.

If you need help creating a video to promote you as a professional speaker, contact Video Experts Here.

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