3 Ways a Fundraising Video Can Increase Donations

  |   Jan 04 2017   |   Posted in: Non-Profits, Informational Address, Business to Business


3 Ways a Fundraising Video Can Increase Donations

Putting together a fundraiser is a daunting but very rewarding task. You obviously have some passion for whatever it is you are trying to raise money for or you wouldn’t be doing it. Let that passion shine through in a video highlighting the people or animals that you are trying to help. Google has discovered that 80 percent of donors use online videos to learn more about charities. Here are 3 more ways a video can help with fundraising.

1. Putting a face and a voice to your charity makes it come alive. Try to grab their attention in the first frame. There is nothing like hearing a story about how your donation can help and seeing the results of such donations. It becomes more than just a concept, it’s real, it’s tangible.

2. Make it shareable. Social Media is huge these days, putting your video on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter can generate a whole new audience for you. People love to share videos that touch them or make them laugh or entertain them. Make your video do all of these and you are guaranteed to get a lot of shares.

3. Lastly, make donating easy. Create a button to direct your audience to the donation page. This page should be as user friendly as possible. Give them donation amounts to click on and ask for the most minimal information necessary. But, don’t lose this opportunity to capture that donor. Once a donation has been made, send a confirmation page and ask them to join your mailing list. You can then share with them how their donation is being used and hopefully retain them as a future donor.

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