5 Reasons Screen Capture Video is a Great Way to Train Employees

  |   Jan 17 2017   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


screen capture of employee training keyboard key

5 Reasons Screen Capture Video is a Great Way to Train New Employees

Screen capture, the capability of recording PC monitors content and/or employees in action, as a video file or snap shot image, can be a very useful tool in training employees.

1. Universal Training

Many companies have more than one location. Streamlining employee training by utilizing the same video for every location keeps it consistent. You will develop the most knowledgeable team when they are all on the same page.

2. Management Training

You want all of the members on your management team to be teaching off the same script. Providing a training course specifically for managers allows them to have a point of reference if they should have a question. It also allows them to view the videos at their own pace in their own time.

3. Sales Team Training

Your sales team may all be local in your own office, but many companies spread their sales force across different territories, thus making in house training difficult. Updating them with new product information can be achieved more easily by providing videos that they can view on their smartphone or tablet. You can also provide them with quick tips for attracting customers and other sales tools that can be beneficial to them.

4. Compliance Training

All offices that have a staff have certain requirements that they need their employees to be aware of. Some of these include emergency procedures, sexual harassment laws, Workers Comp and safety issues. By keeping a library of these videos and having your employee sign an acknowledgement after viewing these videos provides a company standard for new hires and prevents liability down the road if there should ever be a problem.

5. Job Duties

What happens if one of your key employees walks out? Do you know everything they did and how they did it? You must have documentation of their knowledge so you can get somebody new into that position with an easy transition. By creating a video of that employee going about their daily activities allows you to preserve their insights and allows the new person to seamlessly pick up where that key employee left off. The biggest mistake you can make in a business is allowing an employee to leave with all the knowledge they garnered from working for you and taking it to your competition. It may be “job security” for them but it is corporate suicide for you.

So as you can see, screen capture video can be a very valuable asset to you and your employees. Use these tools to help build your library of training videos for your business.

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