3 Ways to Maximize the Amount of High Quality Videos You Create

  |   Jan 31 2017   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


3 Ways to Maximize the Amount of High-Quality Videos You Create

Producing a high-quality video on your own can be rather simple if you use the right tools. You can literally cut your time in half by using the proper equipment and websites to streamline the editing process.

1. Camera

Using a quality camera can help you create a video that needs very little editing. The best of these is a digital DSLR camera, which produces the clearest image. If you can’t afford that then the next best thing is a smartphone. If you are able to stabilize the phone and you have good lighting, you can create a stellar video. And the next best camera is your PC or laptop. If you have an older style laptop or PC, then it would be best to purchase a webcam to provide the best images. You will find that these little tricks will help you enhance your video, such as using different camera angles, using multiple cameras and playing with the camera’s settings

2. Lighting/Sound

Don’t make this complicated. You can purchase a very inexpensive lighting kit that will take your low-quality video to the next level. A few well-placed lights can give your subject depth and clarity. The same with good sound quality. If you can invest in a decent microphone this will amp up a mediocre video to one that grabs your client's attention. Music and sound bites should sound crisp and clear, not like they were recorded in a tin can.

3. Editing

There are many cheap or even free programs such as iMovie and Wevideo that can help you make your amateur video look professional with little effort. You do not need to be an experienced editor to produce a high-quality video. Once you get the basics down, good camera, lighting, sound and editing, with a little practice you will be able to produce numerous high-quality videos in half of the time. Of course, if your budget allows, it is always prudent to invest in a professional video production company when making an important video for your business.

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