5 Ways to Make High Quality Videos with Your Cell Phone

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5 Ways to Make High-Quality Videos with Your Cell Phone

Given that our phones have evolved into digital multi-tools it makes sense that the cameras on them have changed as well.  Almost every smartphone now has a camera inside it capable of capturing high-quality video.  If you’re in a pinch and need to use your phone as an HD camera, here are some tips to get the best footage. 


1. Film horizontally

While it may be easier to hold your phone vertically, the video will look much better with a horizontal orientation.  By shooting with your phone in the horizontal position, you’ll achieve a more professional look. 

2. Keep it steady

It’s difficult to hold a cell phone steady, even for just a few seconds.  Small hand movements that you may not notice will always show on the footage.  To make your video look better, invest in a small cellphone tripod or handheld stabilizer. 

3. Shoot in a well-lit area

If you don't have a portable video light, natural lighting is going to be your best bet when shooting with a cell phone.  Find a well-lit spot in-side or out, and have your light source land on your subjects left or right cheek if the subject is facing the camera. The same rule applies if you are filming an object. Never film with your light source directly behind or to the side of your subject or object. There are a whole lot of lighting techniques but this simple rule will make your cell phone videos and photos a whole lot better.

90% of footage and all the still images in this video were captured entirely with the use of a cell phone by Steve Fowler, the owner of VideoExperts:

4. Gather good audio

People often forget that audio is half of a video production, and unfortunately, the audio recorders in phones haven’t quite caught up to the cameras.  In addition to shooting in a quiet location, investing in an external audio recorder is the best solution to this problem. 

5. Be prepared

Having a plan is vital to the success of your production.  Even with equipment as simple as your cell phone, knowing what to shoot and how you will shoot it before going into the field is immensely helpful.  Not sure how to start?  Download our video production guide here. 


Smartphones are extremely useful for capturing video in HD, but they are no substitute for a professional crew with professional equipment.  

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