4 Things Your Next Trade Show Video Should Have

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4 Things Your Next TradeShow Video Should Have

Tradeshows are a great way to get your product out on the market without having to knock down doors. You have a huge venue to reach thousands of people but unfortunately you have just a short period of time to grab their attention. Use these following tips to make sure that your video is as effective as possible.

• Large Screen

People will be coming from all directions and in large crowds. You want to make sure that they can see what it is you are selling and you get your message across quickly and efficiently. Also, make sure the screen is placed in a strategic area so that it can be seen by everyone.

• Graphics

Using animated graphics and colorful pictures will grab a passerby’s attention. They cannot always hear what is being said but they can surely see what you are selling. The font size should be large enough to read from at least 15 feet away.

• Content

Include eye-grabbing content, such as testimonials, video of your staff at work, quotes from customers or experts in your field. You want to make sure you are getting your goal across, don’t make it too confusing or complicated. Keep it simple but to the point.

Check out this trade show video produced by the VideoExperts team:

• Private showings

If you have a specific message you are trying to get across, maybe you can schedule special events such as the CEO speaking or demos of your product. Plan these at certain intervals throughout the show and provide comfortable seating for your guests. These are also a great opportunity to get feedback from the customer and contact information.

Local Industry Tradeshows are an invaluable tool for a business. They require much patience, lots of stamina, because it will be a long day and tons of knowledge. You have to be able to capture the passerby, engage them in a conversation and then hook them into a sale or at the very least, contact information to use for future sales.

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