Why Our Videos Look So Good: The Color Grade

  |   Aug 14 2013   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


Color grading is an essential but often overlooked part of video production. It separates the amateur from the professional. You are probably wondering what it is and why you haven’t heard much about it. The art of color grading is the process of enhancing and creating the mood of each scene by controlling color, contrast, and lighting. In itself, color grading may take a full day or longer just to get right. It takes the right amount of finesse and a good eye to produce an image that looks organic and visually appealing.

This job is so huge that some have turned it into their entire career. Personally I enjoy color grading. It takes a great level of patience to scrub through each frame of each shot to get the most natural, perfect image, but with the right music playing and a relaxing atmosphere the hours seem to fly by.

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