7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Music for Your Video

  |   Jan 27 2017   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business


7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Music for Your Video

That wonderful mix of sound and melody can either make a great video or ruin one. This video of yours can be outstanding provided you use the appropriate music and not rush it. Here are a few tips to keep the music flowing and give you a great video.

1. Role

What role do you want the music to take? Is it to support your message or to drive it home? This is very important and should be decided early on.

2. Intro and Exit Music

The build up to your message is very important. You want to grab the viewers attention but not confuse them. You also want to end with a bang. Don’t let them forget what your goal was, to entertain and sell your product or service.

3. Budget

You have to be able to work within a budget and know what music is available in that budget. Obviously, if you are a new company just starting out, you probably cannot afford a popular artist or the latest songs. Don’t worry that it won’t be effective, there is a lot of great music out there that won’t cost much if anything.

4. Composer

If you are a larger company and can afford it, hiring a composer is the way to go. They can help with the flow of music throughout the video, especially if there are a lot of mood changes in your video.

5. Explore a Music Library

There are many websites that offer great music at a deep discount or even free. It is worth it for you to take some time to explore this and find the appropriate music for your video.

6. Demographics

Consider who you are gearing your video to. Is it a young, hip crowd? An older, more sophisticated group? Know your genre.

7. Pace

Keep a consistent rhythm throughout the video. Extreme loud and soft notes are distracting and can detract from your goal.

Who doesn’t love good music? With the right music and a goal, you can produce an effective video that drives home your message in a very effective manner.

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