How Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

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Explainer Video

How Explainer Videos Can Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

One of the biggest trends right now in video production is the use of what’s called an “explainer video.” As the name states, their purpose is to simply explain something to an audience. The subject of the video can be essentially anything; the benefits of a product, the production process, a business model, etc. While it might sound easy on the surface, there are many things to consider while producing an explainer video so that it translates into sales. 

Keeping it Simple

The first thing to take care of is the script. The best scripts for explainer videos are short and simple. Don’t overload your audience with extraneous information. Tell them exactly what they need to know to make the jump to your contact form or web store. The longer an explainer video is, the more the audience will lose interest before the end of it. 

Choosing the Right Style

Once you know the content of your explainer video, choose a visual style. Some of the most common explainer videos are animated. Check out this video for an example of an animated explainer:

There are many styles under the blanket of animation: 2D, 3D, typography, and many others. Explainer videos can also be live action. Depending on your budget, it could be more cost effective to animate it and avoid the cost of hiring actors. 

Don’t forget the audio either. Quality, consistent vocal recordings and music are necessary to keep your audience engaged. Even the best explainer video can distract the audience with poor audio. 

Call to Action

Make sure that by the end of the video, your audience knows where to go. Tell them where to buy your product, and where your website can be found. If you’re hosting the video on YouTube, add annotations to it that link directly to your landing page. 

Still have questions? Watch our “Explainers Explained” video below:

Hiring a professional production company is the best way to make sure your explainer video comes out right. Contact us here to get started, and download our guide “7 Things to Know Before Hiring a Production Company.” 

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