Video Marketing Tips and Trends - Speed it Up in 2017

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Video Marketing: Speed it Up in 2017

"The concept of watching to completion has been over-played in the marketplace. Just because I created a 30-second TV spot doesn't mean it's the optimum amount of time to view that content…” – Nick Bell, Snapchat VP of Content

When it comes to video, content is still king. By 2019, 80% of all online content will be video. The online market will be nearly saturated, and it will be even harder to cut through the noise to reach your audience. That’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on the content of your video. In the age of YouTube, Facebook and Snapchat, you need to produce videos for both quantity AND quality. 

Some research suggests that consumer attention spans could be as short as eight seconds on average now, so even the thirty-second ads of years past could be too long. When it comes to marketing directly to consumers, speed is the key. If you can create a video that grabs the audience’s attention within the first two to three seconds, great. 

Along those same trends, authenticity is going to be a big trend in marketing this year. The previously mentioned ultra-short videos lend themselves to being authentic, with their limited space for fancy editing and effects. In addition to that, live-streaming is becoming huge. Facebook Live offers a venue for marketing to your customers anytime, anywhere. 

3 Tools to Check Out

Live Streaming

If you haven’t yet tried it, live streaming video can be a powerful way to reach your audience. As mentioned previously, Facebook now offers every viewer the option to go live. Instagram has also added live video as a feature, and YouTube offers it to verified channels. No matter the content of your stream, the spontaneity and notifications people get off your live stream will definitely spark interest. 


If you’re not using Snapchat to market your brand yet, you should be. The idea that you need to be a celebrity, or a millennial, to have an audience on Snapchat is a complete misconception. Two-thirds of the audience on Snapchat is over 18, and more than half of new users are over 25 years old. It’s never too late to start building a following for your company!

YouTube Bumpers

In the age of blocking and skipping ads, it’s a wonder anybody sees ads at all anymore. However, YouTube is working on a solution. Just recently, the site added Bumper ads as an advertising option. These are six-second ads that can’t be skipped. They’re excellent for creating an ad campaign that can work broken up in pieces. 

These new marketing methods can be described in one word: fast. They’re adapting to the high-speed, low-attention-span world that we find ourselves in. If you want to reach your audience, you’ll have to adapt too. You need to create a compelling advertisement that can sell your company in under ten seconds. It’s a hard task, but extremely rewarding once you’ve built a loyal following on Snapchat and YouTube. 

For the most success using these tools, your goals can be summed up in three words:

Be concise. 

Be entertaining. 

Be authentic. 

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