Monthly Archives: June 2015

Inspired By: Kinetic Typography

  |   Jun 26 2015   |   Posted in: Inspiration

It’s all over folks, attention spans in the internet age are all but non-existent, with most studies citing 8 seconds as the average. 8 seconds! If you’ve got a lot of information or statistics to serve up, how do you hold a person&rs... Read Article

Instagram, Snapchat & Vines - Oh My!

  |   Jun 23 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address

  Short-form content as a long-term strategy As attention spans shrink, so too must the run time on adverts and commercials. Our time is important to us – and we don’t want to be robbed of a minute of it, let alone three mi... Read Article

Why You Should Use a Teleprompter

  |   Jun 18 2015   |   Posted in: Informational Address, Business to Business

What is a Teleprompter? In short, a teleprompter is a device used to project a written script or speech for the speaker to read while maintaining eye contact with the audience. It ensures the reader will deliver a consistent and accurate speec... Read Article

Inspired By: CASPER Mattress Branding Video

  |   Jun 11 2015   |   Posted in: Inspiration

Inspirational Branding This week’s video inspiration comes from Casper Mattress' brand video –An homage to 60s French art house films, this ad is quirky and memorable, and shows Casper as a company with a sense of humor –... Read Article

Inspired By: Fashion Films

  |   Jun 03 2015   |   Posted in: Inspiration

Of Fashion and Fiction One of the most exciting new trends taking off in the world of short film is the rise of the "Fashion Film" – creative short stories by clothing companies and brands showing off their work in a way that d... Read Article

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