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Preparing for a Non-Profit Interview

  |   Nov 29 2017   |  

Preparing for a Non-Profit Interview Despite being charitable organizations, non-profits can’t stay running on altruism alone.  It’s essential for the non-profit to continually bring in money to pay its employees and pursue it... Read Article

Choosing the Right Style for your Explainer Video

  |   Nov 21 2017   |  

  Choosing the Right Style Explainer Video When we start on an explainer video, one of the most common questions is “what kind of style are explainer videos shot in?”  The answer to that question is simple: it depends.... Read Article

Shutting Down Robo-Calls

  |   Nov 15 2017   |   Posted in: Business to Business

Shutting Down Robo-Calls You know how it goes: the phone rings, you look at the Caller ID, and it's a number you haven't seen before.  It could be something important, or if you're a business, a potential customer.  You d... Read Article

Five of Our Favorite Drone Shots

  |   Nov 08 2017   |  

Five of our Favorite Drone Shots In the past, if you wanted an aerial shot, your production had to be big enough (and well funded enough) to rent a helicopter, pay the pilot and camera operator, consult with the FAA and local authorities, and ... Read Article

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