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YouTube Cards - The Marketing Tool You Should Be Using

  |   Jul 27 2017   |  

We know – you finally found that one YouTube video you were searching for.  Maybe to show your friend something funny, or to watch a tutorial you saw a while ago and decided to come back to.  You get the video queued up, hit play,... Read Article

The Many Uses of a GoPro

  |   Jul 20 2017   |  

The Many Uses of a Go Pro Since their HERO3 model launched in 2012, GoPro has been everywhere.  You’ve probably seen their cameras most often strapped to a skier’s helmet, or on the front of a surfboard.  They are perfect... Read Article

Strengthen a Presentation Video with Great Audio

  |   Jul 12 2017   |   Posted in: Informational Video, Informational Address, Business to Business

Strengthen a Presentation Video with Great Audio Here at Video Experts, we film a lot of presentations and interviews. While many of our articles touch upon how to make the video image as clean and appealing as possible, the visuals never stand al... Read Article

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