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You know you need a video.  What you're not so sure of, however, is what kind of video you need.  What we often recommend for first time customers is something called an explainer video. 

The question we usually get after that recommendation goes something like "What is an Explainer Video?"  An explainer video is actually very simple.  As the name implies, an explainer video just explains something.    You can create an explainer that serves as a company overview, or one more specifically designed to explain a product or service you offer.  Explainers also work great for Business-to-Business marketing, and within your own company as Human Resource videos.

The best part of explainer videos is that they can be tailored to fit whatever need your company has.  They're broad enough that you have quite a bit of freedom when working in pre-production.  Usually the first thing to decide when starting an explainer video is to decide what style it will be in.  One of the most common types of explainer videos is animation.  There are almost endless styles of animation to choose from, and for the most part, your imagination is the limit.  On the other end, you could film a live action explainer video.  Or, you could even create a hybrid.  White board videos are an example of this.  If you have a relatively-skilled artist available, you can have them illustrate your explainer and speed it up in the final product.  No matter what type of explainer video you choose, know that there are pros and cons to all of them, so think about what style you want it to be so that it is most effective for you. 

Depending on what type of explainer video you decide to make, most of the work on your end will probably be during the pre-production stage of the project.  The most important step is honing in on your message and writing a script.  The script of the project must be informational, concise, and ideally, entertaining.  It should be as long as it needs to be to tell the story and keep the audience engaged, but typically, less is more.  In order to maximize the efficient use of that time, you should keep the script lean.  Have a clearly defined goal while writing.  Try to boil it down to a single message you want your audience to remember.  When you work with VideoExperts, we'll make sure you avoid the typical pitfalls of explainer videos.  

Oftentimes, an explainer video is one of the first things a potential customer sees.  Many companies choose to host them on their landing pages, which helps push customers through to their site and convert them into clients.  Above all, it’s your video.  So, make your explainer video yours.  We will work with you every step of the way to create a product that showcases the very best of your product or service. 

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